Our organisation requires funding to operate, we endeavour to spend our limited funds with great care.
At the moment contributions from our members and money raised from a small number of events is keeping us solvent. Should the windfarm developers apply for planning permission then we will need much more funds in order to fight them effectively. If you wish to make a donation please email Stephen McLachlan our treasurer
For all matters relating to this website:

  • To contribute material
  • To complain about material on the website
  • Suggestions

email the editor of this site: John

Note: The original e-mail address for John has been compromised by spammers, a new address is in use, please erase the from your address books

Press and Public Relations
Further information about STOP can be obtained from the Press officer Arthur Doughty telephone 01205 750144
Mailing Lists
Our main organisation is STOP which represents Sibsey, this is strongly supported by its Old Leake affiliate TAGON.
We are setting up mailing lists so that we can quickly alert our supporters to any important and interesting news that comes our way. If you would like to be included on one of these mailing lists please send an email to:
TAGON Marlene
STOP Not yet in place

Page updated 8th February 2009