The Construction Story

The following photos are from various wind farm construction sites in the USA and Europe.
They illustrate how the construction phase might appear in the neighbourhood of Sibsey.
1. Construction of the foundation for one turbine

using approximately 1000 tonnes of concrete and 12 tonnes of reinforcing steel

So much for the crop – The foundations stay when the tower is finally removed !

Preparing the foundations for one turbine tower

2. Delivering the tower

Pymoor Lane?

Two segments for one tower

3. Delivering the Nascelle

This houses the gearbox and the generatorl

Imagine this on John Adams Way

The nascelle alongside a turbine tower

4. Delivering the Blades

Parked on a layby south of Boston ?

Three blades for one turbine

5. Delivering the Rotor

One rotor on lorry parked up

6. Delivering the Blades to site

Pymoor Lane ?

Blade delivery on the site service road

7. The Assembled Rotor and Blades
Assembled rotor and blades waiting to be hoisted up to the nascelle
That’s a Ford Escort at one end of the blade.

rotor and car
Assembled rotor

8. Putting it Together

Hoisting the rotor to the nascelle

9. View from the top

View from one of the cranes

BBC Report on the Exceptional Loads required to deliver the turbines

page updated November 21st 2008