Wind Farm – current status

November 2008. STOP members have reported rumours that the wind farm proposal for Sibsey is dead. To the knowledge of STOP and the local councils THEY ARE NOT ! If you know for certain that the proposal is dead, then please get in touch with STOP, or Sibsey Parish Council and let us know the source of your information. We would love nothing better than to disband with no Wind Farm threat hanging over Sibsey, Old Leake and the other local parishes.
Remember It is the Developers who choose when to proceed! There is no time limit !


In the last few weeks members have observed a bird census in progress, the person carrying out this census told one of our members that it was to do with the proposed wind farm.
As of the end of April 2009, this bird census was still in progress

Current Status of the wind farm project: – Scoping

Scoping is used to identify the key issues of concern at an early stage in the planning process. Scoping should be carried out at an early stage in order to aid site selection and identify any possible alternatives. The scoping process should involve all interested parties such as the proponent and planning or environmental agencies and members of the public. The results of scoping will determine the scope, depth and terms of reference to be addressed within the Environmental Statement.

Scoping – Why carry out Scoping?

  • To identify the key issues and concerns of the interested parties.
    • Who is concerned?
    • What are their concerns?
    • Why are they concerned?
    • What is the threshold of concern where change becomes unacceptable?

    When ineffective scoping occurs delays are caused by additional time being required to assess unidentified impacts.

    Once the site for development has been selected the scoping angle changes. There will be a decrease in the number of issues and an increase in attention to detail .

The Environmental statement is part of the planning application process.

Note: Sibsey Parish Council and STOP, as well as Sibsey parishioners, have made many suggestions for input to the scoping report many of which have been accepted by ELDC.

Next Stages

Test Rig Planning Application

We expect that the next stage would be a low key planning application for a test rig in the area. Since this application is for a temporary construction it is unlikely to be stoppable.

This test rig would consist of a temporary mast carrying wind measuring equipment. Its purpose would be to measure and record the wind in the area over a period of time to assess the site’s suitability for a wind farm. Since the wind speeds across most of the UK have been well recorded for many years, this unlikely to provide any surprises.

Planning Application for the wind farm

This would be the detailed application for the construction of the concrete pylons and turbines. From other’s experiences it would not include transformers and transmission lines.

*** This is the stage we have to fight and win ***

Planning Application for wind farm power infra-structure

Once planning permission has been granted for the turbine’s construction, then this is almost a formality, since the site would be unusable without its supporting transformers, transmission lines to the grid etc.

Our best guess on the transmission line, would be a line of power pylons running parallel to the A16 to Fishtoft where there is an access point to the National Grid.

page reviewed 28th June 2009