As you will realise, it costs money to run an organisation such as ours. For the moment our needs are relatively small, but when the crunch comes we will need several thousand pounds to mount an effective opposition to the windfarm developers.

You can assist us to raise funds in a painless way by switching your default search engine to:

every time you do a search, STOP will collect a small sum of money, every so often our treasurer gets a cheque.

Setting it up is easy

STOP has been registered with easysearch.

When you first go to easysearch

you will be asked: Who would you like to raise funds for?

enter STOP in the search box and you will be presented with a short list

click on the button adjacent to STOP and you will be taken to the welcome page, confirming your choice of STOP. Also instructions on how to set your home page to

If you would like to contribute using PayPal, then please press this button:

A number of Estate Agent style boards have been purchased. We want to display them along the A16 though the village, and along Hobhole Bank. These boards carry a simple message “NO WIND FARM” and this website address. Some have now been deployed with the intention of keeping up local awareness of STOP. The committee would like to thank those who have so readily purchased and displayed them.

A Word on Donations and other Income

All monies raised by events or other contributions will be used to support the STOP group in their efforts against the possible development of a Wind Farm between Sibsey and Hobhole Bank. Should the wind farm proposal actually “go away”, then STOP and TAGON will be delighted to stand down, and any money in our coffers will be donated to one or more local charities.

page updated 29th September 2008