Planned Turbines’ sites

The proposed site is on land known as Needham’s Farm, and would be the site for 10 turbines

It is STOP’s understanding that if permission is given for these 10, then another 5 are likely in the area between the upper red line and the Midville Road. These would affect Stickney even more than the first 10.

  • The red x denotes the proposed position of a turbine according to the developers documentation
  • The distances in red show distances to the nearest properties.
  • The grey shaded area shows approximately land within 2 Km of at least one wind turbine
  • Anyone living along the A16 and The Hobhole, between the two horizontal red lines is almost certain to to be affected by noise.
  • Those who live outside the gray area are likely to be affected by noise.
  • Everybody who lives in the are represented by this map will SEE the turbines

page updated 10th July 2008