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This Site has been set up to collate and disseminate information about the proposed windfarm on land between Sibsey village and Hobhole Bank. The current proposal is for ten large turbines entirely within the parish of Sibsey. If it goes ahead it will affect the neighbouring parishes of Old Leake, Midville and Stickney.

November 2009

Because of the lack of activity in respect of the proposal which they were set up to oppose; STOP and its Old Leake Ally STOP-TAGON have decide to go into “Stand-by” mode.

We still do not believe that it has “gone away”

This means:

  • The organisations still exist, but for the time being are watching and waiting. If any sign of wind farm activity is detected both organisations will become immediately fully active.
  • The website will be maintained and updated with any relevant news or comment.
  • John Mussett (see contacts page) can be contacted if anyone has any questions on local windfarm activity.
  • Any relevant or articles of interest are circulated to a mailing list – if you wish to be added to that mailing list please contact John Mussett

June 2009

We have seen that proposals can be resurrected after as long as 5 years, so the fact that “nothing has happened” in the last two years does not mean it’s all over.

There is some hope that new specifications for the siting of wind turbines may come into effect before any resurrection of this proposal. If they do, it will push the windfarm further away from Sibsey and the Hobhole, and may well affect the viability of the proposal.

January 2009
Our belief is that it is still ON

  1. “from a normally reliable source” It hasn’t gone away, but has only been delayed.
  2. The bird census is still going on

December 2009
We have been told of another reliable source of “it isn’t going to happen”
As usual we are trying to get to the source, and the “truth”. Whatever else you might do –
We haven’t had a reliable one yet

Webmaster Note (4th May 2009):
Much of the material on this website has been here for some time, and the website activity is currently low. I am therefore taking the opportunity to refresh most of the pages.
For a while some pages will be withdrawn.
I am monitoring the Web for items of interest which I circulate, rather than post them here as I used to. If you wish to be added to the list please send me an email.


Our thanks to William Pearce and Andreas Viklund for providing and designing this site, which they have made available to STOP.

Page updated 21st November 2009